GMES “Pathways” Speakers Series

Speaker series live photoGamma Mu Educational Services, Inc. (GMES) is celebrating our sixth year of partnering with Grand Canyon University in presenting a series of professional career “Pathways” information sessions for students. This partnership with GCU provides students with the opportunity to hear directly from, and engage with, accomplished professionals in their respective fields of expertise. 

We have just completed the second in our “Pathways to..” series for this academic year and the sessions have received raved reviews. We have had an average attendance of over 40 students who attend because of some level of interest in the respective career field. 

Session one: Pathways to Medical Professions 

speaker series session photoPanel:

  • Archousa Gina Bowser 
  • Archon Ray Burden 
  • Archon Ahmed Collins 
  • Archon Don Godbold 
  • Archon Larry Leverett 
  • Archon Ron Thompson 
  • Archon Darren Wethers, Facilitator 

Session two: Pathways to Legal Professions 


  • Archousa Kelli Williams 
  • Archon Cecil Patterson 
  • Archon Karl Gentiles 
  • Archon Lee Topps, Facilitator 

A special thanks to the Archons and Archousai who have given of their time and talents to support this valuable and increasingly popular program. We are making a difference in the lives of young people in our community. 

Thank You!! 

Lee Topps, Chairman 

Gamma Mu Educational Services, Inc. 

November 7, 2019