Pathways to the Medical Profession

Pathways to the Medical Profession.jpegGamma Mu Educational Services, Inc., (GMES) in partnership with Grand Canyon University kicked off the first of our 2021/22 “career pathways” speakers’ series on October 14. Our thanks to the panelist; Archons Don Godbold, Larry Leverett and Dwayne Sansone for sharing the benefit of their experiences and lessons learned on their respective pathways to success in medical professions. The pathways discussions were enlarged by Archon Sansone with his background as a medical insurance administrator, entrepreneur medical services provider and his strong medical technology knowledge. The audience of about 30 students demonstrated a high level of interest in the information and experiences shared by the panelist. The powerful impact of the information was further reflected in the fact that students kept our panelist on site for 45 minutes after the session with questions and one-on-one discussions.

Archons your participation and support of our outreach efforts are greatly appreciated.

Lee Topps