Chairman's Update

Darren Wethers

GMES hosted its’ 10th annual golf tournament on April 30, 2022. Over 100 golfers participated in the event, providing needed funds for our services to boys and young men in the greater Phoenix area.

Thanks to our sponsors and participants for their support; additional thanks to those who provided grant support and in-kind gifts to the organization, helping to make the event an overwhelming success. We look forward to having you all back with us in 2023, when we convene again!

Planning for the 2022-23 program year is underway. Last year we helped students bridge the digital divide through provision of laptops and related supplies and enriched their academic progress through tutoring services and mentoring.  We look forward to broadening our outreach, incorporating more individuals in the community, and seeking to be more impactful in their lives.

We will need your continued support to make this happen. Please donate now and lend a hand to these deserving young people!

Thank you!