Vince Nicholes

Vince NicholesVince Nicholes is a Development Manager with over 20 years in the communications industry.  He currently oversees the expansion and fortification of T-Mobile’s wireless capabilities within the state of Arizona.  In 2015, Vince led the company’s engineering efforts to prepare for Super Bowl XLIX snatching the top spot for speed from T-Mobile’s rivals.

Within the community, Vince has led many efforts to help improve the lives of Phoenix residents. He has organized fundraisers for Title 1 students, served as a Jack and Jill Father’s Auxiliary Chair and sat on the Board for the Young Professionals of the Phoenix Symphony.
God is also a key part of Vince’s life.  Vince currently serves as the Facilitator of one of the largest Children’s Church services in the Valley.  He also directs a mentorship program for young men at his church and in the community and serves as a teacher to both adults and children whenever called upon.
Vince and his wife Ericka are active foster parents and the proud parents of Ayanna, TaMara, Jalen and Emmett.